New York, New York 10016

Brooklyn College MFA
The School of Visual Arts, New York BFA

2009 Wyoming County Court House, A Delicate Balance,Tunkhannock, PA
2008 Stambaugh Gallery, Global Warming, Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio
2008 Monmouth Museum, Veiled Reality, Lindcroft, NJ
2008-Galerie FoF, The Pod on Paper, Rahway, NJ

2009-Blank Space, Fall, In Love, Chelsea, NY

2015-Sam and Adele Golden Gallery, Made in Paint, Golden Paint, New Berlin, NY
2014-Christine Minas Fine Art, Pop Up, The Untitled Space, Tribeca, NY
2014-Ivy Brown Gallery, Sweet Sixteen, Chelsea, New York
2014-Galeria Sztuki Tadeusza Czarneckiego,Yesterday’s Landscape,
Radoszyce, Poland
2014-Showroom, Possible as a Pair of Shoes, Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY
2014-Labirynth No.2 Gallery, Kracow , Poland
2014-Jatki Gallery, Mowy Targ, Poland
2013-Museum Techniki,Maleniec, Poland
2013–SideshowGallery, NationWilliamsburg, NY
2012-Austrian Cultural Forum, WochenKlausur Features, New York:
chashama! It Came From chashama, NY, NY
2011-Monmouth Museum, Artists Emerged,Lindcroft, NJ
2010-Schneider Museum of Art, Inspired By Science,University of Southern Oregon
2010-Museu Brasileiro da Escultura, ToyArt, Sao Paulo, Brazil
2010-Sideshow, It’s a Wonderful 2010,Williamsburg, NY2009
2010-Chashama, Peep-o-rama, NY NY
2008-Korus House, Korean Embassy, The Chorus Project, Washington, DC
2008-Sideshow Gallery, Peace, Williamsburg, NY
2007-Edge Gallery, For a Good Time Call...Women Artists And What They Are Painting Now, Rahway, NJ
2007-James Cohan, Postcards From The Edge, Chelsea, NY
2007-Roberson Museum, Roberson Regional Art, Binghamton, NY 
Curated by Philip Pearlstein.
2007-Everhart Museum , Re:member Art, Scranton, Pennsylvania-Permanent Collection
2007-Art Gotham, Square Foot Show, Chelsea, NY
2007-Sideshow Gallery, War is Over Again, Williamsburg, NY
2006-Sikkema Jenkins & Co., Postcards From The Edge, Chelsea, NY
2006-The Hope Horn Gallery, University of Scranton, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Nature Immortalized NEPA Biennial 2006-Curated by J. Susan Isaacs.
2006-The AFA Gallery, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Form and Structure, 2006 NEPA Biennial–Curated by J. Susan Isaacs.
2006-Visual Arts Gallery, Emerging Artists in Fine Arts: Made in New York, 
Chelsea, NY
2006-Sideshow Gallery, War is Over, Williamsburg, NY

2014-Art Inspired By Science,AAS-PD e-publication
2010-Art Inspired By Science, Pacific Division-American Association for the Advancement of Science–Robert Louis Chianese
2008–September-Swiss Universe Magazine,Home is where the Phone Rings,
January 14, 2009-Wyoming County Press Examiner, Courthouse Show Show Big on Organic Abstract, Michael J. Rudolf
January 7,2009-Abington Journal, Well-balanced Exhibit, Mauri Rapp
2006–October-NEPA Regional Art Biennial 2006 Catalog
October 29, 2006-Scranton Times
2006-Painting article,Visual Opinion Magazine, New York


2014-Golden Foundation Residency, New Berlin, New York
2014-Cerf–Ravenel Travel Grant
2013-Residency Fellowship, Museum Techniki, Mileniec, Poland
2012-2013-VCCA Residency Fellowship, Amhearst, Virginia
2012-I Park Residency Fellowship, East Hadam,Connecticut
2011-NYFA Artist Boot Camp
2010-NYFA MARK Consultant Program
2008-I Park Residency Fellowship, East Haddam, Connecticut
2008-Mark Professional Practice Program-NYFA
2006-Present-chashama Studio Program Award, New York, New York
October 2006-First Place, NEPA Biennial 2006, Scranton, PA., J .Susan
2005 + 2000-SVA Artist Summer Residency, New York, New York

Monmouth Museum, Lindcroft, NJ
City of Rahway, New Jersey, Council for the Arts
Everhart Museum, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY
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